It is a year of milestones for South Union Shaker Village as we celebrate the longevity of both heritage and preservation. Shaker craftsmanship has endured 200 years since digging began for the foundation of the Centre House in April of 1822. It has been 100 years since the great auction of 1922 when the Shaker experience at South Union finally ended. We also commemorate 50 years of preservation at the historic site of the village, and it all began in 1972 with two buildings and less than three acres of land.


2022 is a year of milestones for South Union Shaker Village, each one representing endurance. The Centre House has endured now for 200 years. It has been 100 years since the community ceased; however, the history of the Shakers at South Union is preserved today. That history is being told at the place where it happened, thanks to dedicated, passionate preservationists who established this place as a historic site 50 years ago.

South Union Shaker Village has also endured two years of the pandemic and was thankfully spared the devastation of a tornado just four months ago. Your support during those difficult times, both through encouragement and by contributions, is the reason that we are still here today. 

We hope that you will help us celebrate this year of milestones by making an “extra” contribution in addition to your membership dues. The future of SUSV is bright as we strive to increase our children’s educational program offerings, create new events and workshops for adult visitors, and work toward a completed restoration of the 1854 Wash House. We feel strongly that the story of the Kentucky Shakers is still an important one to be told.  

Please support South Union Shaker Village by contributing toward our Celebrating Milestones Campaign for the 2022 season.

Contributions may be made by check or credit card. You may donate online by clicking the button above. Setting up monthly payments is also an option! Give us a call at: 270-542-4167.

Donations will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000.00, thanks to the generosity of the SUSV Advisory Committee and Board of Directors!


Reconstruction of the 1841 Trustees Office entrance gate, fence, and sidewalk, thanks to a donation from John Perkins, John and Linda Tanner, and the Ridley and Hull Wealth Management of Stifel.

Reconstruction of the arched gate leading to the south lane and cemetery, thanks to a donation from Kay Bender.

Installation of a standing seam metal roof on the kitchen porch of the 1824 Centre House, thanks to a donation from Ernest and Elaine Ezell and Kay Bender.

Interior restoration in the 1824 Centre House, a project entitled “Restoration by the Details,” completing eight rooms, thanks to a donation from Jackson and Betty Kesler.

Window restoration on the 1854 Wash House continued, thanks to John Perkins, Alan and Adrienne Dieball, John Campbell, Travis Wilson, Ted Hitchel, Bob and Jody Burton, E. Hanlin and Jane Bavely, Sam and Sheila Flener (in honor of Frank Sullivan). 

A $30,000 grant from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation was awarded to SUSV for restoration on the exterior of the Centre House.


SUSV produced a weekly virtual segment, “Furniture Friday,” on Facebook and Instagram, highlighting objects for the museum collection.

WKU intern from the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology, Brooklyn Hagan, researched the construction and restoration of the 1846 Ministry Shop in preparation for a National Register nomination.

WKU volunteer from the Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology, Azadeh Najafian, examined and repacked SUSV’s historic textile collection boxes.

Susan Lyons Hughes was recognized by receiving SUSV’s annual Deedy Hall Volunteer of the Year award. Susan volunteers weekly as a docent and transcribes original manuscript material for the purposes of future research.


Heating stove, ca. 1830, probably cast in Cincinnati, used by the South Union Shakers, donated by Donna Day Herndon, in honor of her father, Ernest Wendell Day 

Firewood box, ca. 1870, poplar, made and used by

the South Union Shakers, donated by Ernest and

Elaine Ezell

Chair, child’s, ca. 1840, made and used by the South Union Shakers, donated by Amy Wood, from the collection of her father, Tommy Hughes

Pear’s fruit preserves label, ca. 1870, printed for the South Union Shakers preserve by Krebs Lithograph Co., Cincinnati, purchased with acquisition endowment funds

Three cherry bureaus, a walnut work table, and a maple washstand, attributed to the 1922 South Union auction and regional ownership, donated by Margaret Huff

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